Decorating Window Coverings for Sliding Glass Doors


Sliding glass doors are often used to access sun porches, porches and patios backyard. Decorating options for window coverings for sliding glass doors should take into consideration both spaces. The doors are usually focal points in each room for the decorative elements should reflect equally well on both sides of the doors

Hang a curtain of glass beads glass front of a window coverings for sliding glass doors to add eclectic charm to your room. Thread Onto glass beads crystal lengths clear fishing line to create the individual strands of the curtain. Place a curtain rod to the wall studs on each side of the sliding glass door. A beaded curtain large enough to cover a sliding glass door is heavy. Loop the strands of beads over the curtain rod. You can slide the strands of beads on the rod, tie them back out of the way or walk through them to pass through the sliding glass door.

Window films static are another way to decorate the two sides of a sliding glass door. Vinyl films are available in a variety of designs specifically for size window coverings for sliding glass doors. Designs include style images etched as bamboo stalks and color patterns as magnolias and other flowers. The films cling to the glass, but can be removed when needed. Place the film on one side of the glass door and design patterns are visible from both sides. Clean window films with soap and water to remove fingerprints and dirt.


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